Umstead Park Photographer

On Location: Umstead Park Raleigh NC

I love Umstead Park- absolutely love it.  I love it from a photo standpoint and I love it from a weekend activity with the family.  Umstead helps provide multiple scenes for your session.  You have trees galore, beautiful trails, gorgeous lake, and a couple bridges.  It truly has a lot of options!

On a personal note, the kids just love this place as they can run around the trails with us.  They love trying to find the birds and walking by the lake.  It is so refreshing!

To help you get an idea of what they have to offer, here are some pictures from Umstead- so many possibilities :-)

Spring is here | Raleigh Family Photographer

Or so they say.  As this season has been consistent with we had some nice weather and are now expecting even some potential snow this week.  I can't keep up with it!  This Saturday was great though- it was such a beautiful day and the temperatures were just right!  We spent a lot of time outside and it felt good!  We started with a morning walk on a trail at Umstead National Park, went to lunch at Lynnwood Grill and sat on the rooftop, and finished the day with a stop at a park.  So here are pictures from such a beautiful day- here's to hoping more are on the way!


She wanted to draw items that she saw

She is a big leaf collector

The Boathouse

My Two Little Loves

Just like this shot! :)