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On Location: Fletcher Park Raleigh NC

Fletcher Park is another great place for photos with a wide range of options for all types of pictures.  Like North Cary Park, Fletcher does have a playground on its premise, though it is not one of the better playgrounds considering other parks in this area.  I did learn that the swings make for some great shots for those of all ages :)  The park also offers a lot of places with beautiful backgrounds and scenery.  Spring and summer sessions here definitely benefit with the flowers on the grounds.  I haven't been in the area long enough to scope this area out in the fall, but definitely am planning on going there sometime this fall to check it out :)

To view a couple past sessions at Fletcher, please check back to these blog postings:

This park has a lot to offer and I definitely look forward to doing more here.


It's hot and it's cold | Raleigh Photographer

The weather this winter here in NC has been unpredictable to say the least.  From what we hear this has been rather unusual and it has definitely kept us on our toes.  We have very easily found ourselves in scarves, jackets and gloves one day and then in flip flops later that same week.  While I am still extremely happy for our move here, I am ready for spring- and for it to stay nice for a while.  During some of these warm bursts we have definitely taken advantage of being outside and also just some time hanging out together in the house.  Spring officially begins this week, so I am hoping that I will be able to bring out my camera a lot more for some great outdoor activities and just all around comfort :)  I have fallen a little behind posting some of the warmer weekend pictures so here you go!


At the park at RDU- I may be slightly biased as her mother but she grows more and more beautiful everyday

Building something at the RDU park

Ice Cream is always good after watching planes- he wears most of it, but the eyes always show blue no matter how dirty he gets

Fun day with friends at a local park

Got to spend some time with this cutie again- Xavier

Building a castle for the princess

Mr X

He loves to run- yelling GO GO GO

Swinging with the wind in my hair


I am too funny!

My pretty girl

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She loves coloring!