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Raleigh/Cary Back to School Mini Sessions!

I just can't help it!!   With kids in our area getting ready for school and announcing the fall mini-sessions yesterday, it just seemed like a natural fit.  The packages that I am offering for the Back to School Minis will be the same (listed below) as those scheduled for October.  The Back To School Minis will run for the whole month of September, so if interested please make sure you book ASAP before September is full!

Please contact with any questions or to book your session(s)!

Gabrielle Elyse Referral Program- Something for you and them!

I am so excited to announce that Gabrielle Elyse has officially launched a new Referral Program.  Since referrals are largely linked to the success of my business, I wanted to find a way to thank my clients.

For each referral that books and completes their session, you will receive a $50 credit toward your next session.  Additionally, your referral will receive a $25 print credit for their session.

On the Gabrielle Elyse website, the very bottom of the page has a link titled Referral Program.  There, you can find the full details.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions!

Again, thank you for letting me do what I love.

Spring is here | Raleigh Family Photographer

Or so they say.  As this season has been consistent with we had some nice weather and are now expecting even some potential snow this week.  I can't keep up with it!  This Saturday was great though- it was such a beautiful day and the temperatures were just right!  We spent a lot of time outside and it felt good!  We started with a morning walk on a trail at Umstead National Park, went to lunch at Lynnwood Grill and sat on the rooftop, and finished the day with a stop at a park.  So here are pictures from such a beautiful day- here's to hoping more are on the way!


She wanted to draw items that she saw

She is a big leaf collector

The Boathouse

My Two Little Loves

Just like this shot! :)