Welcome to the World Sydney | Raleigh Maternity Fresh 48 and Newborn Photographer

It is truly such a joy and blessing when I get to see families grow over the years and even months!  I have had the honor to know Renee before she met Timothy, through their engagement, and now their biggest milestone of becoming parents.  I was so excited when Renee reached out to me about documenting their journey with their first child including a maternity, Fresh 48, and of course newborn session.  

The maternity session was done at JC Raulston Arboretum.  Not only at the time of year that we went was it absolutely gorgeous but there is also a very special meaning to the location for Renee and Timothy.  When they were married, their first look and family pictures were all done at the Raleigh based Arboretum, so with such special meaning it only made sense to do this next important milestone there.  

Miss Sydney made a slightly early entrance but regardless was greeted with an enormous amount of love and support.  Thank you Renee and Timothy for letting me be a part of her life and I am so excited to continue to watch her grow <3  So without further delay, enjoy a compilation from Sydney's first three photos sessions in her early life, but I guarantee not the only three to come! 


Renee looked absolutely stunning during her session- when I think of glowing mom, this is it!&nbsp;

Renee looked absolutely stunning during her session- when I think of glowing mom, this is it! 

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She's here!&nbsp;

She's here! 

fresh 48 black and white hospital
daddys girl Fresh 48 session
Super proud and happy grandmother!

Super proud and happy grandmother!

The new family of 3 &lt;3

The new family of 3 <3

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Happy Birthday Ryleigh! | Raleigh Newborn Photographer

You may remember this couple from about a month ago when I had the pleasure of taking their maternity photos (or even as far back as May, when I got to take pictures of their awesome boxer Abbie as part of the CBR photo shoot).  I love working this couple and now family of three (or 5 with fur children included).  I was so excited to hear of Miss Ryleigh's arrival and get our session scheduled.  

I had such a great time!  I think that Ryleigh already has an amazing wardrobe and love above and beyond.  She had several outfit changes (a sampling below) and of course looked absolutely adorable in each one!  

I am so honored that I got to be able to capture this precious time of her life and look forward to seeing her grow through the years to come!  Matt and Ashleigh, I wish you guys nothing but the best with your baby girl and many congrats!  Thank you again for letting me be a part of this time.  


Future member of the Wolf Pack- already a fan!&nbsp;

Future member of the Wolf Pack- already a fan! 

And you can't forget about our Carolina Panthers (undefeated to boot)!

And you can't forget about our Carolina Panthers (undefeated to boot)!

She is already a daddy's girl.

She is already a daddy's girl.

Just &lt;3&nbsp;

Just <3 

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3 Reasons You Should Schedule A Newborn Session | Raleigh Newborn Photographer

Hartnett Newborn SessionAugust 09, 2015-389.jpg

Let's just face it, child birth and having a newborn are both emotional and a whirlwind of events.  There are a million things going on - and especially when it is your first child, it can be quite overwhelming as you prepare for everything!  So it is understandable that trying to plan and think about newborn pictures may got lost in the shuffle of everything.  Trust me, I know from experience and if there is anything I could go back and change with both of my children's first few days it would have been to have a Fresh 48 and newborn session done.  While I took some pictures of them myself,  I can say (as a mom and photographer) it's not the same.  So why do I wish I would have done a Fresh 48/Newborn session and why do I highly recommend making time to book them? 

1) The first several days of a baby's life there is SO much going on.  New schedules, visitors, a new life!  It's hard to remember all those moments in the total whirlwind of your new life.  Scheduling your session prior to your child's birth will not only make certain that you actually get it on your calendar but it will guarantee that you will have these moments that we often forget or vaguely remember in a haze forever captured.  

2) You need to be a part of the memory.  You need to be in the pictures too.  No, I know you don't feel great, you don't think you look beautiful, you're tired, you need to shower, and the list of excuses could go on and on.  But I promise you, you will regret not being in the pictures.  I look back on the pictures that I have of the kids in the first few days and 99% are of them alone or with other family members.  Any that I do have of me with them are taken from someone else and honestly the least flattering or memorable moments.  I really wish that I had taken the time to have had someone come to the house and really capture us as a new family while also being able to give me some good lighting and angles.  

3)  They are only this way once.  A newborn's physical change can be quite significant in a short period of time.  It is so important to capture their tiny ears, feet, hands, mouth, nose, and everything else!  The peaceful naps, rocking them, feeding them, and just watching them sleep.  These are all the moments that you want to capture of them as they are in all their tiny perfectness. 

If you are even considering doing a Fresh 48 or Newborn session, let's talk!  I can assure you, that you will not regret it and you will have wonderful memories to look back on forever!

Click on the links if you want to visit my most recent Fresh 48 and Newborn Session.  

William's Newborn Session | Cary Newborn Photographer

I have just loved getting to spend time with this new guy and his family!   I think William must be a natural with the camera as he was such a wonderful open eyed newborn for the camera.  He did such a wonderful job and we got so many wonderful shots.  William's older brother Harrison, is another joy to work with.  He can be such a ham- I love it.  He was very entertaining and gave us some great in action shots as well as some very endearing big brother pictures with his new sibling.  It was the perfect day!

This was a wonderfully fun session with truly dear people.  Can I also just say how I still am just in shock (ok and lets be honest a little jealousy) that these pictures were taken 8 days after William's birth and Allie looks just absolutely stunning!  If he didn't look like a newborn, you would never know.  You're looking great momma!  

Again, I had a hard time narrowing down the pictures for Sneak Peeks and even when culling through everything. The H family is truly beautiful inside and out, and it has been an honor getting to be a part of your family these last couple of weeks and I can't wait to continue to see your two adorable boys grow.  Check out some of the pictures from William's newborn session.  Enjoy!


Dad and big brother taking a break while William is getting ready for his photo shoot

Dad and big brother taking a break while William is getting ready for his photo shoot

Harrison taking a break while he waited for his turn.&nbsp;

Harrison taking a break while he waited for his turn. 

mom holding newborn on bed
family photo
waiting on baby brother black and white
Who doesn't love baby toes??

Who doesn't love baby toes??

newborn on master bed
Just stunning!&nbsp;

Just stunning! 

baby head
We have the whole family here, including Miss Molly!&nbsp;

We have the whole family here, including Miss Molly! 

baby in crib newborn session