Holiday Cards| Raleigh Family Photographer

red holiday card picture

Yes, I do in fact realize that we are sitting in what is October 1st and you are probably thinking that it is way too early to be thinking about Holiday cards.  However, hear me out:  

1) We are in the beginning of fall, time to get family pictures booked!  (quick plug, contact me to book yours if you haven't yet, doing full and half sessions this year and I only have a few spots left between now and Thanksgiving!!)

2) Halloween is this month.  That involves some preparation: costumes, candy, decorations, and plans for another wonderful fun year of Trick or Treating!

3) After you recover from your candy overload, its time to start planning and getting ready for Thanksgiving.  Who is going where?  Who is making what?  Are we staying local or leaving town? 

4) After Thanksgiving, Holiday decorations need to be up and it becomes Holiday mode!

5) Holiday shopping.

6) Holiday parties.

7) More Holiday Shopping.

8) Bam! The Holidays are here! 

With all of the activities and events to get ready for, time has come and gone and extremely fast.  Now we are sitting here during the Holiday and guess what?! You forgot to order your Holiday Cards to send out to your family and friends.   You would have thought that being on the recipient end of cards yourself that it would trigger a reminder- but life happens! I know this because I have seen this happen before to many people (including myself).  Our intentions are always there, but the busy thing we call life has a way of working its way in.  I know I then find myself paying additional printing fees and mailing to help try and expedite the process. 

To help with this problem and make sure that it doesn't happen to you- I am offering Holiday Cards!  I have three designs that you can choose from and we can use those great pictures that we just took (or will be takings soon)!  Once you have picked the design and given whatever input on picture selection and wording, I can take it from there and get your cards on order!  That will be one item on your holiday list now complete!  

If you don't have a scheduled session yet, contact me and I will get you on the calendar!  

I am excited to be offering this, this year!  I am already in the process of working on getting mine put together so I can order them soon.  For more details on pricing contact me and I will be happy to go over it with you including the designs!

As always, appreciate your support and am looking forward to everyone's Fall Sessions and seeing some awesome Holiday Cards!