Fresh 48 Sessions | Raleigh Newborn Photographer

I am so excited to announce that I am now officially offering Fresh 48 Sessions!  

What is a Fresh 48?!  So glad you asked.  Babies change so incredibly fast within the first weeks and yes even days after birth.  There is usually so much going on not only during the birth of a child but also those days after.  It can be so hard to remember what their little feet looked like, or the expression on his or her face during their first yawn.  Fresh 48 sessions are done in the hospital, during the day prior to being discharged.  They are very casual and usually last 1 hour.  

So what is the difference with a Fresh 48 and a regular Newborn Session?  Well there are a couple differences:

- Location: I do Fresh 48 sessions in the hospital prior to discharge while I will do newborn sessions within the home.

- Age for session:  Fresh 48 sessions happen within the first 48 hours of a baby's life.  I usually schedule newborn sessions at 7-10 days old.  

-Session Duration: Fresh 48 sessions usually last about an hour, but I will never rush through one. Newborn sessions are 1-2 hours, though generally lead into the 2 hours.

Newborns change so much in their first few weeks of life.  What we capture at 24 hours will be different then what we see at 10 days.  Fresh 48 allows the earliest memories to be captured in a casual yet intimate setting.  It is truly a special type of session and one that looking back on my pregnancies I wish I would have thought to do.  

Since we never know when a baby will make its presence and I have to block off time for these sessions, I can only offer a limited amount per month.  Due to the limited availability, I suggest that you book yours as soon as you can!  If you want to add this to a maternity and/or newborn session, I can do so at a bundle price, just let me know! 

For more details and pricing information, visit my Fresh 48 section under pricing on the website or reach out to me and we can talk!  

24 hour old yawn fresh48

Stay tuned for my blog post in the next couple of days from my recent Fresh 48 session!