Top Raleigh Kid Friendly Restaurants

Raleigh Area Kid Restaurants

We have two young kids who LOVE eating out at restaurants.  It's to the point where you would think that they have  special toddler column as food bloggers.  My daughter especially would eat out for every meal!  Living in Raleigh there are truly so many options for eating out- its one of the things that we love about living here...the options, variety, and lack of having to go to chain restaurants is huge!  This got me thinking about what our favorite restaurants are to take the kids and I wanted to share our top choices with you and the reasons why.

In no particular order:

1.) Cowfish (North Hills)- Cowfish has such a fun and inviting atmosphere.  It is really fun for all ages.  From the time you come into the door you can watch an interactive video of where you are in line, the menu items, and to the great big fish tank inside,  you really can't go wrong.  The menu items fit most kid appetites and are good portion sizes.  I would also say that 9 times out of 10, our waitstaff there will bring out the kids food first.  There isn't a parent out there who won't appreciate this as we know that the patience levels of kids (and in my case a 4 year old and 2 year old) is practically nonexistent.  If you do have to wait any, the fish tank usually helps bide time with the little ones.  

2) Relish (Raleigh)- When the weather is nice, Relish is such a great option at anytime of the day for the kids.  They have really done a great job of trying to make any waiting easy on kids.  They usually have a set up outside with bubbles and sidewalk chalk  Our kids love it and it really helps occupy the time while our amazing food is being prepared.  And as with Cowfish, Relish has a great menu that appeals to both the kids and parents.  

3) Mellow Mushroom (Raleigh, Wake Forest)- Now I am sort of breaking a rule of even putting a large chain restaurant on this list.  It truly is a partial toss up between Mellow Mushroom and Lynwood Grill for pizza.  The big winning factor is that Mellow Mushroom does a great job of getting the kids served quickly and first.

4) Goodberrys- Let's face it, ice cream, custard, milkshakes, can win the heart of most kids and adults alike.  You really can't go wrong and Goodberry's is just delicious.  Not too many choices to overwhelm, but always tasty.  A lot of people also don't know that they do offer kids cup sizes.  We have found that even splitting a kids size between the two is the perfect amount.  The staff is always generous enough to give us and extra cup and spoon so we can split it.  Goodberry's also has a fun and great environment outside- make sure you bring some extra loose change for the fountain!