On Location: Baileywick Park, Raleigh NC

I actually went to Baileywick Park for the first time with the family about a month or so ago.   It is actually really close to us yet I hadn't personally been there before.  It's a large park and as some of the others I have mentioned in this series has various offerings to it.  When you first get there they have a large pavilion and two playgrounds for the kids.  I do love getting pictures of the kids playing in action- especially toward the end of a session so they can relax and just play.  The playground can get you some great shots!  The play area isn't as shaded and covered as i would like, but has everything in it you would want. The other thing that it has is a great walking path with a lot of trees which can make for some great photo spots and then some great open fields!  

I just did a family photo shoot there this past Friday and we got some amazing shots.  I am close to finishing that session and when I post it on the blog I will put a link back on this page so you can get a better idea.  

I hope that everyone has been able to enjoy the beautiful weather that we have had this weekend!  It's been nice to have some weekend sun!  Looks like it is going to be a nice week as well, so try and enjoy it!!