On Location: North Cary Park , Cary NC

Congrats!  You have booked your family photo session.  The date is set with your time and its in your calendar.  Your photographer asks if you have any location in mind- and you are blank.  This isn't uncommon and I see it more and more.  While I may be "new" to the Raleigh area I know that it is not short on some amazing spots and it is my job to help pick the perfect spot for you and your family.  I have decided to showcase various places on the blog, taking one place at a time.  I will describe the area, give a general location, and even show some pictures from each place.  I hope that this can be used as a helpful tool and reference as you book your next session!

I thought I would start with one of my new favorite places-

North Cary Park

.  We kind of stumbled onto this park one day after errands.  Our youngest fell asleep in the car so we decided to drive around.  We came up to this place and I asked my husband to pull over so I could scout it out with my daughter while he stayed in the car with my son.  There was something about it that I just loved right away.  There is a playground when you first walk up and it has a cute arched walkway right there.  There are a lot of open fielded areas, trees, and even a great bridge!  I also think that it has a good location for not only Cary residents, but those that live in Raleigh (especially North).  

Lucas recently turned 1 and we did his family session and cake smash here, it was just perfect!  For more pictures from his shoot, click


If you have any questions about this spot as a potential location for you and your next session, just ask!