New Gallery Presentation!

I am constantly on the lookout for ways to improve my business and better serve my clients.  The delivery of your pictures is an extremely important part of my business that has many aspects to it.  It helps represent the moments captured in time; it's social- shared with family, friends, and others; and there is an aspect of it that is personal to not only you but to me as your photographer.  My goal was to find something that would help capture all those things and more when presenting your images.  After a lot of searching, testing, and reviews I have decided to move forward with Pixieset.

There are several other platforms in the market right now that do similar things, but I chose Pixieset for many reasons, some of which I know you will love too:
- It's just easy to use.  From not only my side of things, but yours too.  Everything you need is right there.  
- I can sell single digital pictures as well as the whole album and you can download right from your gallery.  Additionally, you can purchase prints and products right on the spot (with much ease)
- If you want, it is very easy to share through a variety of social media outlets
- It's mobile.  You can view your gallery easily on your mobile device and share your pictures on the go while your gallery is active (even make your gallery an app icon on your phone!)
- You can mark all of your favorites and Pixieset gives me the insight as well 
- It presents your pictures to you in a beautiful and proper way like you deserve

I think that you will all find it very easy to use and enjoy the great features.  I am so excited about this and can't wait to hear how you all like it!