Snow snow snow | Wake Forest Photographer

Well unless you have been living under a rock, I am sure you have heard that our area (among many others) have been hit with a snow storm (Pax- and here us Floridians only thought they named hurricanes).  We definitely got it.  It started snowing yesterday afternoon very heavily (our area ended up with about 6") and that was then followed by freezing rain through the night to another close to 3" of snow again today.  Crazy I tell you- you look at the front of the house and can't tell where our driveway is vs the road vs the yard.  It is just white.  Not to mention earlier today it was heavy in ice.  With that all said I must still note that it is absolutely gorgeous.  There is definitely something picturesque about the snow.  I didn't venture too far out as I would have most definitely fallen but I was able to get a couple shots to share.  I hope everyone is staying warm out there though.  Enjoy!

Yesterday looking across the street-where is the street??

Yesterday's snow falling and taking over the playset

From this morning

Morning's ice

Afternoon snow landing on the ice

Heavy afternoon snow