Happy Thanksgiving (belated) | NC

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving and (hopefully a long weekend to go with it).  We went over to the Waynesville area and had a wonderful Thanksgiving and weekend with my husband's family (his grandmother, aunts, parents, sister, a couple cousins and even 2nd cousins).  It was a really great time and the kids had a blast especially playing in the left over snow on the ground.   It was even more special as h\the arrival of his parents and sister (from Florida) was a total surprise to us.  Everyone did a great job of keeping that secret and it just made the weekend even more special.

Our bellies are full and more memories made - here are some pictures from our great trip- Enjoy!

Amazement with how it feels!

She was building her snowman, he was trying to warm up

Daddy whisking her off

Walking around with her Aunt D

Jakob- my husband's cousin's son- the three kids had such a blast- can't wait to get them together again.  

Thats his trouble face

He looks innocent but he was working on building a big ole snowball

Reed and grandpa

Three Generations of R men