Settling in and getting adjusted.

I have been back in North Carolina now for about 4 weeks now.  We feel great about this move.  It has been so nice being back to a place that I really loved living in and getting to be with old friends again, however, I can say honestly that I miss my family.  I have been up here living with friends while my husband and kids are back in Florida. By far this has been the hardest thing I have ever done- but I know that it is going to be worth it.  I can at least now say that I am at the countdown point of when the kids will be here, and it is two weeks from tomorrow and I can NOT wait!  My husband will come up with them and stay for a week as we get settled into our place and then he will head back to Florida until he finds a job.  We are hopeful that he won't be too far behind as he has had some promising leads.  

So one may think that with all my "free" time the past 4 weeks I should have numerous amounts of new pictures to post.  I think in most cases that would be accurate, however, not with me.  I don't think that I ever realized how much work and effort goes into trying to schedule a cross state move for a family.  No lie but that has taken such a large amount of my time in addition to adjusting in to my new job.  But that is no excuse and I plan on changing that soon.  I am getting involved with other local photographers and am excited to get the kids out to new spots and of course welcome new families and children into our photographing family.  

I hope that this finds everyone well.  Stay tuned as there will be some new and exciting pictures to come soon!