Good-Bye Florida, Hello North Carolina!

It has officially happened!  After leaving the Raleigh area 8 years ago this September to go back home to Florida, my husband and I have decided to move our family back to Raleigh.  I was offered a great job opportunity that brought us back here and just completed my first week there.  While looking for a place for us to live my husband (also starting up his job search) is back in Florida with the kids.  Once things are final with a place to live, then they will join me up here and my husband will as well with work.  So, while I leave behind a place that has treated us well and truly allowed me to bring out my love of photography- we are now starting our new adventure here in Raleigh!  I hope you will continue to follow as we start over.

Thank you to all my clients in Florida- I love and appreciate you all and I look forward to new meeting new ones in Raleigh!