Top 5 Friday- Ice Cream

Happy Friday!  One of the new things that I want to start doing is a Top 5 type list every Friday as a way to help my clients and prospective clients get to know me a little better as not only a photographer but a person.

As my close friends can vouch (or anybody that has been around me a couple of times knows) one of my absolute favorite favorite favorite things out there is ice cream.  I could sadly eat some everyday regardless of the weather outside (I can remember when I lived in NC driving in the snow to get some).  I figure there is no better way to start this series than to talk about my Top Five- Ice Cream Places (local).

5:  Ice Cream Shoppe  Two locations (off of Wickham and Lake Washington and then in the Melbourne Square Mall) with hand dipped ice cream that is great.  Rumor has it that they get their ice cream from the same place as one of the tied places for 1 and 2, but they seem to carry a slightly different variety of flavors.  They also have a large selection of Italian ice if you are in the mood, which I have also tried there and it was quite good!

4:  Kilwins Another hand dipped ice cream place with two locations (downtown Melbourne and then also in the first floor of the Crowne Plaza beachside).  The added bonus of Kilwins is that they also sell chocolate- and LOTS of it!  The store always smells good and they always have you debating on just what to get.  With its location downtown its the perfect spot after a great dinner from that area as well.  

3:  RedBerry It seems as though the serve yourself Fro-Yo market has boomed big time.  It seems that every plaza now has another one being built.  I have seen some make it and some fail.  So in my opinion what makes a good one?  I think RedBerry has been doing a great job of offering a variety of different flavors that taste just as good as they sound. They keep a list of the upcoming flavors up to date and it always makes me want to come back to try more.  I have never found myself going to the same flavor visit after visit after visit.  

1 and 2 tied: North Star Ice Cream Depot and Dell's Freeze  It is tough to pick one over the other because honestly  it depends on what you feel like- hand dipped or soft serve?  Ice Cream Depot is HANDS down the best place to go if you want normal hand dipped ice cream.  It's really a hidden gem of Melbourne yet a classic staple to the area.  From the best milkshakes I have ever had to sundaes that will make your eyes feel bigger than your stomach at first glance, I have never had something there that I don't like.  As for Dell's they definitely have the best soft serve in town.  They have been around over 30 years and I have been going to them about that long :)  Even better about them is that the prices there I don't think have changed much in the years.  I remember not too long ago with my in-laws in town (including brother and sister-in law) we went there and all had something with our bill coming out to under $15!  It's hard to find that these days and not lose the taste.  The one thing to note about Dell's is that they still only take cash- but we always come prepared!  Regardless, we love both places!  

Close Runner Ups: Chilly Spoons, Sonic
Still need to try: Orange Leaf

Well I hope that you have enjoyed reading about my favorite places in town and if you haven't tried any I highly recommend doing so!  You know an ice cream shop with the kids would be another great location for some family pictures!!  Enjoy!