Welcome Baby Andrew!

Yesterday friends of ours welcomed their son, Andrew William into their family.  Their daughter, Allison, also got to become a big sister!!  We have been friends with them for about a year and a half now and have had the pleasure of being able to see our daughters grow up as they are only a couple months apart as well.  We are so excited for them to bring in a new family member and were so happy that we were able to visit them for a little bit in the hospital this evening.  I fortunately had my camera on me so I was able to take a couple pictures of Mr Andrew before Camdyn and Reed were about done with the hospital :)  Looking at Reed and Andrew, it is hard to believe that he was that size before- and it was only 3 months ago!!  It was just crazy to see the difference between the two of them with just the small amount of time between them.

I will be taking more pictures of their new addition and the whole family within a week or so.  I can't wait!  Just wanted to share a couple pictures of their new bundle that I was able to quickly snap.  More to come soon.... Enjoy!!

Again congrats to Joel, Jennifer, and big sister Allison!

Mom and Dad holding their new bundle tight

I <3 sleeping baby pictures, he is just too precious.

So sweet- babies in black and white too are also some of my favorites to do.