Family Vacation...Part 2

While up in the mountains area we went and spent the day with my husband's grandmother, aunt, and cousin who also live nearby.  Camdyn has a second cousin that isn't too far in age from her and they got to spend time together and play. They had a great time and we had a great visit with the family!  One of the things I love the most about photography and the type that I do is the innocence of the kids.  It is the sweetest thing to see and to be able to capture such things is truly a blessing.  

Going to go explore great-grandmas place

Just too sweet and innocent

Our little one exploring on her own

All that exploring- we need to take a break

So what do you want to go do next?

One of the last things that we did before we headed home was go to the NC Arboretum.  Wow, just so beautiful!  Camdyn loved looking at all of the flowers and was having a blast just running around, so much she was definitely in no mood to sit still for practically ANY pictures and Reed wanted to be carried in the Ergo so photographing was a slight challenge all in all but I think I managed to get some to share.
Just lovely

She had a blast running around this area full of flowers :)

Gorgeous bonsai


With grandpa (or as she says Pop-pa)

This was the door from a restaurant we ate at in Asheville Village, I thought it was neat looking and plan on putting it up somewhere in the house.
Again we had a wonderful time away and with family.  Thanks to everyone who made this trip special.  Looking forward to it again.