Family Vacation....Part 1

This past week, we decided to take a final family vacation before going back to work again.  My family has a place up in the mountains of NC and we haven't had a chance to go with Reed's pregnancy so this was the perfect time.  We went up for a week and it had such a great time!  It was well needed and great to just relax with family- and the kids had a blast as well. So needless to say, I took my share of pictures and this could be quite a long blog entry :)  Enjoy!

On our first full day we attempted to go to the Apple Festival.  The rain had some other plans for us but we were able to go for some time  There was a small kids area that Camdyn decided she wanted to take part in but really only one ride, in which my mom excitedly offered to ride with her.

Hmmm...I signed up for this??

Ok, that wasn't too bad, I may consider it again.

The trees all around the house are full of acorns that constantly fall on the deck. Camdyn hadn't ever seen them before and thought they were a great new toy.  She spent a lot of time on the deck laughing hysterically as she threw them into the "woods."
Acorns!!! Or as Camdyn calls them corns.

Throwing them can see the acorn flying in the air.

Ohh a leaf this time

What?!  There better be more

Camdyn LOVES to help you, no matter what it is you are doing. It is great to see her try it all. One night while mom was making dinner Camdyn decided she wanted to help. So as all great grandma's would do, she got set up with her own little cooking station.  She took her job so seriously I had to capture it!
Ok time to start dinner!

Just need to put in a little seasoning.

Just a little more

Mix it all together

All done, just needs to cook now!
While we were gone, my husband and I got to go out for a date night sans kids.  We went to the Grove Park Inn located in Asheville.  Wow!  Talk about a view!!  It was absolutely incredible.  We ate at the Sunset Terrace in which our table was right on the edge outside and our view was gorgeous mountains.  It was just amazing and the food wasn't too bad either :)
The front of the Grove Park Inn

Looking out from our table

Just perfect

The husband looking over the wine list- they had quite a selection

Just another view from the table looking out.
Stay tuned for part two of our trip coming up! :)