Dress Up Time...and some other shots

Camdyn just loves to get dressed up.  She usually runs to her closet to pick out her clothes, LOVES her shoes, and likes to accessorize!  I love watching her get ready.  My sister had bought her several dress up outfits and when getting ready for the day she decided that she wanted to be Snow White.  Her face just lit up when she put it on.  After some time in the Snow White dress, she was ready to get into her normal clothes but had to put her accessories on, ALL of them :)  So we had about 4 or 5 bracelets, several necklaces (including a gold medal), and her lovely sunglasses.  So of course, I had to get my camera :)

I can't forget to also include some pictures of Reed.  He did not partake in dress up today but I do have some pictures of him from the past couple of days that you will also find below.

I hope that this finds everyone well...Enjoy!

She decided to throw in her own princess crown for her own touch


Even a princess can still color

He's a big deal

She truly loves him

Big Yawn!

With Daddy