Family Time

We have most definitely been enjoying our family time and it's hard to believe that Reed's time is going by even faster than Camdyn's seemed to.  It just goes by so quickly- almost in the blink of an eye.  I wouldn't change anything though- every day and even every moment feels just like a gift and I love it.  

While I am enjoying every day and moment that I get to spend with them and am still working on getting back to "normal" I am really starting to miss being behind the camera.  I will be looking forward to getting back to capturing the moments of others (which I am still running a special, feel free to email for the details :-) ).  

I have a couple pictures from the past week or two of the kids from some of our time together.  I will be doing Reed's 1 month pictures soon and will post those as soon as I have them completed.  Enjoy!

At lunch, Camdyn was looking over the menu trying to decide what to order.  Oh the decisions of a 21 month old :)

How nice, paying the bill for us! HA!!

Finding a new breakfast food to love

Ah yes, just a taste, perfect.

Doing his thing in his swing!  Hello world!

Reed is trying out to be the Zoolander's kid if they made a sequel