Last weekend as three

It's hard to believe that this was the last weekend for us to be only a family of 3.  Our son had a change in plans during the last week or two in which he has decided to change positions and has now been breech for a couple weeks.  We don't have a whole bunch of hope that he will change back but there is that small chance, however, I know he is running out of room.  In the event that he doesn't change- we are scheduled for a c-section this Thursday! So this weekend is realistically our last as just 3.  We wanted to make the best of this weekend as a family of 3 for our daughter and made sure that we spent good family time together.  While I have already missed being behind the camera for other families (I am looking forward to being back behind it in August) I have of course been doing what I can to continue taking pictures of my family and will continue to share.  Be ready to start seeing a lot of posts coming up :)

Just remember I will still be taking bookings while I am out on "leave." If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

I have posted some pictures below from our weekend.  Enjoy!

Nothing like story time with daddy!

Love little feet

She just loves to be outside and when you throw in some coloring- bonus!

Very busy doing her art

Yay!  Almost done

Wait one minute...I think something is missing

We met up with some friends for dinner who have a son that is just about 3 months older, this was them saying goodbye.