Haircut the Disney Way

One of our daughter's favorite places to go is of course Disney.  I must admit that we enjoy it a lot as well and love taking her so we decided to take a day this week and take her back.  We had been talking about getting her haircut and at one point was going to have the whole family go but she can get pretty timid with a lot of people around so we decided to make a last minute appointment and do it with just the three of us.  Plus, it was such a special occasion we are glad we were able to share it together.  As they do everything, Disney did a great job with her hair - which as you have seen her hair is a challenge in itself.  However, she  just did such a good job and loved it.  We just did a quick stop at the Magic Kingdom for her hair then headed over to Epcot so she could enjoy the Flower and Garden Festival- she LOVES flowers.  Every time we walked by some flowers, she had to take a minute to stop and smell them.  It was too cute to watch.

I took some pictures from our visit- Enjoy!
Getting started

Final touches on the hair

Watching Minnie on stage after getting her hair done

Stopping to smell the flowers