Kids Never Cease to Amaze Me...

...that is part of why I just absolutely love taking pictures of them.  You never know what you are going to get from them whether it's a day of hanging around the house, doing errands, or even trying to do a photo shoot.  There is also this amazing sense of innocence that they hold and it is so precious to capture.  As you will come to see I tend to take a lot of pictures of my daughter, and that will also be the way it is with our son when he arrives.  When our kids grow up all we have to look back on are pictures- our way of securing a moment in time.  This blog allows me to not only share the photos and moments of the shoots I get the honor of being a part of but also my own family, who are my inspiration for doing what I do.

So after our Anniversary trip away this weekend, my husband and I took the day to spend with our daughter around town and here are some pictures I took while we were out and about.

Hope you all enjoy!

Our daughter telling us to hurry up so we can all get ready to go shopping!

She loves going to Home Depot and getting a chance to ride in their car carts!

                After a stroll outside at a local shopping area- gotta get the shades on so she can stay incognito.