It's Definitely Spring!

The weather here today was absolutely perfect.  After running errands together, my daughter and I spent some time together out in our patio area (she absolutely loves being outside) and then she wanted to go and help daddy with some landscaping stuff he has been working on.  Here are a couple pictures from our perfect Sunday!  Hope you enjoy and had a great weekend.

Having a snack out on the patio.
Yummy!  Probably put too much in my mouth at once!

More please!!  

Later in the day we had a popsicle to cool off.

At least the popsicle matched the outfit.

Uh oh- its just about done!

Looking for daddy outside

Ok Dad, I got this, let's go so you can finish up

I am ready- let's do this!

Wait dad, I think you forgot a few rocks in here.  

Yup! I found a couple more for you in here.  

All done for me.

Let's go shopping now that work is done!