Amelia Island

This weekend my husband and I decided to take a much needed mini-vacation for our Anniversary and headed up to Amelia Island.  While it was a very short trip, it was still very relaxing and a great little getaway.  The weather wasn't too cooperative but I managed to try and get some pictures when we could of some of the sights and things we did.  Hope you all enjoy and had a wonderful Easter!

Very windy day!  Down on the beach from our hotel.  

Not too many people staying out by the water, but some pretty nice waves.  

View from our floor, we could see over a lot of trees into the marsh land.  Just beautiful.  

Cannons from Fort Clinch.  

View from Fort Clinch, looking at Georgia from Florida. 

Down in one of the halls of the Fort, just a small window you could see from underground.

Gorgeous view from the Fort.  

Old water pump

Thought it made a great picture, though it was a bathroom!

View from our room

Another view from our room

How can you not love the beach or Florida!?