gabrielle elyse raleigh photographer

Hello- I am Gabrielle!  Also known as mom to two little ones (girl and boy) and two furry ones.   It's important to get to know someone not only before you meet them but also when you are about to trust them with freezing your special moment in time.  In addition to getting to do what I love (and with some amazing people) here are some other, and should I say random, things about me: 

  • Elyse is actually not part of my name, it is my daughter's middle name and I love having it incorporated as part of the business. She has even already started to take a liking for taking pictures so you never know! Now I just need to find a way to bring my son into the business.....

  • We recently moved back to North Carolina though to a new city for us to live in, Apex!

  • I absolutely HATE peanut butter or anything even remotely close to it. This includes (but is not limited to) peanuts (pretty obvious), cashews, pecans, almonds, cashews, pralines, and pistachios. I know- it's weird.

  • I also don't like coffee. Don't worry though, we can still be friends- I am pretty confident that I am addicted to chai.

  • Ice cream is one of my best friends. It doesn't matter how cold it is outside or what time of the day it is- I can eat it and usually will.

  • I am and will always be a Florida Gator! Go Gators!!

  • We listen to music a lot! While they were before my time, I LOVE The Beatles. I wish I could go back and experience all of them together live. We are also big fans of Jack Johnson- he is great live and I could listen to all of his albums over and over- oh wait I have.

I am a Raleigh, NC based Photographer (who loves to travel) and would LOVE to capture your family's moments.  Contact me now to book your photo session!